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Sascha Kersken Appetizer für Einsteiger
Hi zusammen,
zum Neustart der Serie habe ich einen Blogpost verpasst, der vor allem denjenigen Appetit machen soll, die Futurama noch nicht kennen:
Viel Spaß :)
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Sascha Kersken
Hooray, Zoidberg's got an answer :)
Nein, im Ernst: Toll, dass es doch noch ein Lebenszeichen aus dieser Gruppe gibt!
Sascha Kersken Looking for Futurama comics
Hey everyone,
I'm still searching to complete my collection of Futurama comics. If anyone has any of them to offer (both in English and German), or if you know where to get them, please let me know via XING message. And I don't mean downloads from dubious sources but real paper comic books!
Sascha Kersken Season 6
Good news, everyone!
Season six of our favorite animated, satirical sci fi show is on its way, and it's going to start June 24th on Comedy Central. The network has even put up a nice "Countdown to Futurama" website that reveals some artwork or plot hints every day:
But: Has anyone got an idea how to watch the show from Germany as soon as it's aired? Or do we have to wait one or more years for the crappy dubbed version, or even 3+ years for the DVD release?


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