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Jean-Jerome Schmidt

What do you do if you lose your Galera Cluster? A simple solution is to failover to an asynchronous slave. The slave would immediately serve up-to-date data to applications, with minimal downtime. But then, with the slave being the new source of truth, how do you recover your Galera Cluster?

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Business has continuously desired to derive insights from information to make reliable, smarter, real-time, fact-based decisions. As firms rely more on data and databases, information and data processing is the core of many business operations and business decisions. The faith in the database is total. None of the day-to-day company services can run without the underlying database platforms. As a consequence, the necessity on scalability and performance of database system software is more critical than ever. The principal benefits of the clustered database system are scalability and high availability. In this blog, we will try to compare Oracle RAC and Galera Cluster in the light of these two aspects. Real Application Clusters (RAC) is Oracle’s premium solution to clustering Oracle databases and provides High Availability and Scalability. Galera Cluster is the most popular clustering technology for MySQL and MariaDB.

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