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Rohit Singh Growth Predictions on Global Video Games Market Through 2022 Presented in New Forecast Research
The global market for video games is expected to witness a sluggish growth during the forecast period, 2017-2022, and will reach a value of nearly US$ 140 Bn by the end of 2022.
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Analysis by Game-Type & Hardware
Graphical aspects of video games have become their USPs. Demand for action-based or fighting games continues to surge over other types of video games. Increasing preference to competitive video games, which is caused by the desire of users to become invincible in this virtual world of gaming, continues to draw them towards action games. In 2017, over US$ 33 Bn worth of action games are expected to be sold in the global video games market. Meanwhile, role-playing games have also gained traction, particularly in developed regions. The report also projects that sport games will continue to account for a sizeable part of the global video games market through 2022.
Analysis by Digital & Physical Platforms
The report distinctively projects a higher demand for console platforms in the world of video gaming. Some of the players in the global market for video games are exclusively offering games for console platforms. Computers, the other physical platform for gaming, is also witnessing a growth in terms of demand, but this segment continues to reflect low CAGRs compared to console platforms. On the basis of digital platforms, outright penetration of smartphones has effectively revolutionized the dynamics of what video gaming was in the past decade. Console and PCs are expected to dominate the global market, while mobiles & tablets are expected to reflect a moderately steady growth at 4.6% CAGR during the forecast period.
Competition Tracking
The report has also outlined the competitive landscape of global video games market by profiling key market players, which include companies such as Activision Blizzards Inc, Nintendo Co. Ltd., NVIDIA Corporation, Sony Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Electronic Arts Inc., Ubisoft Entertainment SA, King Digital Entertainment Plc., Supercell Oy, Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., Vivendi SA, Konami Holdings Corporation, Disney Interactive Studios (The Walt Disney Group), THQ Nordic (Nordic Games GmbH), Zynga Inc., and Sega Games Co., Ltd.
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