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Geberit Talent Pool / Schweiz

Erhalte die neusten Informationen zu Master-/Bachelor- und Praxisarbeiten sowie dein Karrierestart nach dem Studium bei uns.

Mirek von Fajx (NLP) Geberit COOP
Dear gold friends,
Latest contacts in my professional network with Veronika Mihalova, Heinz Good, Severin Daniels will surely result in progress, but while I am also member of Geberit workgroup I decided to ask for project help also all of you...
Part of our project documentation is available at (in czech language)... The part of roadshow is completely complementary (the only difference is in Teuco jacuzzi like bath without barriers... and number of roadshow stops... we would like to reach all seniorhouses in czech republic... about 1000 places... while also organizing event with Slagr Television on such places or connecting the event to other cultural event for maximazing impact (while local audience from villages around is present)...
We have already contacted all seniorhouses and theirs association countrywide... and for progress WYSIWYG process is needed... What You See Is What You Get is a must... and Geberit is ready...
My question is... When, How, What... thank you in advance for your ideas and efforts...
Mirek Fajx
Diamond Multi Level Marketoing Dealer
LR Health & Beauty Systems / COOP GAY.CZ Project
Extended Family Office Mission
For reaching Nabobi and Mamoni results and uniting members of extended family in all aspects (as humans, in organisation and planning) we aim to better communication, forwarding and sharing information, talks, discussions and linking. This way we are always ahead in COOPerative/Association of Family Offices and in broad society - We are always one deciding gold step ahead.


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