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Do you want to sell or to buy at international level? To export and import? Are you looking for new suppliers? For new vendors? Are you looking for employees? Do you want to promote your culture?

Global Connections and Exchange

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We buy and sell big quantities of metal scrap worldwide - ferrous and non-ferrous worldwide

(Aluminium, Steel, stainless steel, iron, copper etc)

Pls send ICPOS or FCOs.

I am new to this group and would like to introduce myself and my company:

TEMA-Q GmbH has been successful in market research for over 30 years and customer experience solutions including Voice of Customer are our focus.

Our services help companies to optimize prouducts, services and processes while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In order to present complex data in a transparent way, including graphics, evaluations and KPIs, we have developed ClaralytiX. Through this web analysis and evaluation tool, well-founded decisions can easily be made and the development of improvements can be tracked, including international comparisson of data in different regions/countries.

We work with renowned DAX corporations as well as with medium-sized companies.

If you are (or want to become) internationally active, you can benefit from our solutions in 90 countries / 15 languages.

About me: I am International Sales Director at TEMA-Q. My biggest motivation is to help companies achieve their goals.

I look forward to talking to you for further details.

Best regards and have a nice and successful day.

Global Connections and Exchange

This group is all about communication at global level - let's exchange views, news, opinions, learn about eachother's culture, business, market.