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We provide content and important texts on Global Mindset. Offer Seminars, Webinars and Inhouse trainings on Global Mindset and Leadership.

Global Mindset and Global Leadership

Steinbeis-Beratungszentrum Global Mindset & Leadership

We aim at preparing and strengthening professionals at their cross-cultural competences to lead to an increased cultural understanding and awareness and long-lasting success. Considering our professional background and diversity, both combined together, allow us to assess, develop, train and coach you for the purpose of international success. We also provide current research and implement the recent developments in global mindset, global leadership and cultural intelligence.

Finally, we offer customized and open-enrolment courses, webinars, cross-cultural coaching.

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Why does Global Mindset matter?

Today’s business is strongly influenced by globalization and interwoven in the interdependence, variety and ambiguity of markets. The number of companies operating across borders has grown exponentially. Not only multinational large companies (MNCs) go global, also small- and medium sized companies (SMEs) and born-global entrepreneurial companies are doing business strongly abroad. But it is the people that go global. Not the companies itself.
As a result, a large group of managers and employees is exposed to global strategic decision-making and cross-cultural interactions. In this context, one of the key questions in international management is to what extent managers are selected, prepared, coached, trained and developed to effectively cope with national diversity and global strategic complexity.
Recently, Global Mindset has been considered as an important global competence, which encompass intercultural skills, behavioural and cognitive elements. Global mindset is the ability to cope effectively between cultures. To understand the differences and to negotiate efficiently between them in a win-win situation of leveraging global performance. It seems that globally-minded leaders are better prepared to face the challenges of the international business dichotomy, such as when to face the dilemma between localization and globalization.
By developing globally-minded leaders, your organization works smarter with anyone, everywhere. Whether you are working with diverse people around the world, within multicultural teams, or in the next office, we transform global organizations, by altering their leaders` mindsets.
We apply a life-long learning approach in accompanying your company in ordert o identify, select, train and develop managers in different ages. We provide customized and open-enrolment programs.