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All about Google: products, services, and your opinion! Tout sur Google: produits, services, et vos avis sur le sujet! 所有關於谷歌:產品,服務,以及您的意見!

The URL of a publicly shared Google docs document is so long, that nobody can remember it. There exists a shortened URL version of this long URL, but this URL consists of letters and digits and is obviously formed by hazard.

People like to remember something, which makes sense. The long and short URLs at Google docs do not make sense. The situation at G suite looks similiar.

To strive for a high ranking in search engines for such a page is lost love effort. The rule will be that search engines don't list such pages at all.

It is advisable to register your own new domain for such documents.

This increases the chances of the entire content also appearing in search engines.

For such cases, Google now offers the New-Domains as a solution. You register a New-Domain such as or and redirect the New-Domain to your document.

The New-Domain enables a secure namespace, which means that https is required for all websites at .new. You may buy a new domain and park the new domain, but it only works in a browser with SSL encryption.

The New-Domain is - as Google explains - a "top-level domain that is HSTS-preloaded. The HSTS preload list is a list of websites which modern browsers will only load over an encrypted connection".

The uncomplicated creation of a secure namespace through .new is the reason why the new domain is especially useful for such teamwork projects - more than other domain endings. When working on projects, confidential information is often used and it is advisable to protect it using SSL encryption.

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