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Ewa Kucharczyk Free GOTO Night on Swift (9/9/2015) + Swift Training(29/9/2015) for the first time in Switzerland !
It is our pleasure to invite you to our next free GOTO Night in Zurich. This time the topic of the meeting is SWIFT - brand new programming language introduced by Apple in the latest WWDC keynote in June. Swift will become the default programming language for creating iOS and OS X applications, and will have a lasting impact in the industry as we know it. You cannot miss it!
More information and online registration:
We’re also proud to announce that we have just scheduled our first Swift Training for the 29th of September in Zurich. During the course, you will be some of the first in the world to learn the key skills and tools required to create iOS and OS X apps with Swift.
Registration: Please send name, company, phone number and billing address to Ewa Kucharczyk ( or use the online registration forms.
Ewa Kucharczyk
Ewa Kucharczyk Zurich Erlang Factory Lite - conference free of charge (10.04)
Zurich Erlang Factory Lite is a free of charge, one-day event focused on introducing the latest developments and innovations in the world of Erlang programming language. It showcases some of the most interesting Erlang related technologies including Riak and Elixir. It provides you with an option to attend the afternoon talks and also a morning Elixir tutorial.
Zurich EFL will take place on 10 April 2014. It will be hosted by Rackspace.
The 4-hour morning Elixir tutorial will be delivered by one of the Erlang Fathers, Robert Virding. He will present an introduction to Elixir and show its strengths and how it can be used to build concurrent and fault-tolerant applications!
At the afternoon conference you will get to see the talks by:
Muharem Hrnjadovic: “Introduction to Erlang/OTP“
Younes Hafri: „VALEO: an enhanced "open_port/2"
Tino Breddin: “Know your VM inside out - instrument it using Exometer”
Alvaro Videla: “Building a Distributed Data Ingestion System with RabbitMQ“
Lee Barnard: “Basho's evolution“
Full program and talk abstracts are available here:
Ewa Kucharczyk


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