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Michael Grygo Ein interessanter Beitrag, den jeder jeden Tag nutzen kann :)
Janna Kersting Sehr interessanter Artikel zum Thema "Steuerfalle: nachträgliche Steuervorauszahlungen"
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Andreas Niehof Verbot der Schadensregulierung für Versicherungsmakler durch den BGH nun auch durch die BaFin bestätigt
Neben dem BGH hat nun auch die Bafin das Verbot zur Schadensregulierung durch Versicherungsmakler bestätigt.
Die Schadensregulierung wird nun einzig in den Händen der Versicherungsberater liegen.
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Sotirios Outos Unternehmer & Leidenschaft
Noma das beste Restaurant der Welt .
Wenn jemand Leidenschaft am Unternehmertum hat ,sollte sich diesen Film anschauen .
Ich habe nach dem Film nur eins Zusagen .
Der perfekte Sturm .
Geduld und der Glauben an das was man leistet , führt zum Erfolg.
Badische Grüße
Clive Davies 6 Key Questions For Success with English - Part 1: Why?
Recent statistics published in Spain state that the main motive Spanish people have for studying another language is that they believe they need it for their work. I suspect that this is true in many other countries although the statistics probably vary. However, when we look at the amount of time and energy needed to learn another language, perhaps we need some stronger motivation if we are to achieve the results that we really want. So many times when people say ‘I need to improve my English’ nothing actually happens. I wrote another blog post about this topic a few years ago but I think it Is worth looking at again.
One of the reasons nothing happens is because the statement ‘I need to improve my English’ isn't actually true.
What people really mean is ‘I would like to’ or ‘it would be nice’ and when I ask ‘who do you need to speak English with?’ we discover that there is not a specific need but more of a worry that a tourist might ask for directions. Clearly that isn't motivation enough to create the new habits necessary for learning and practicing another language. For some people it remains a hobby and going to classes to learn from standard school books is exactly what they want but the majority want Business English - for their business.
So let's look for some better reasons. Let's think about the greatest benefit from learning another language - what will you be able to do? Communicate with clients, suppliers, colleagues, sell more, do better deals, become a better negotiator, get a promotion, access new markets, get a new job, earn more money………. There are lots of possibilities.
Let's take it a step further. Who else will benefit from your learning another language? Your colleagues/team, your employees, your boss and Company shareholders may all benefit from any improvement in your performance. Any increase in your own income may benefit your husband/ wife, children, parents and even the local businesses that you buy from.
We can see that the consequences of our actions are like ripples from a stone thrown into the water and we don't know how far they might reach, but thinking a little deeper than a simple ‘I need it for my job’ might help us with the motivation we need to get started. Writing all of this down, getting it out of your head and onto paper where you can see it more clearly is also very useful. Mind mapping techniques work well for this. Try getting a pen and a big piece of paper or note book and write down the word ‘Why’ (but in your own language). Then write your first reason, for example ‘to get a better job’ then connect that with a line to the next step ‘what if you get a better job?’. Connect that with a line again to your answer, for example ‘I would earn more money’. Repeat the process again, asking ‘what if I had more money’….etc. Keep developing your mind map, expanding the branches to include as many possibilities as you can think of.
It is important that you write this down so that you can see the steps on paper, in front of you. You might be surprised by what you find. If ‘Better English’ for you could mean ‘Better Lives’ for your family then you are starting to find the motivation you need. I believe that this is the first step in planning for success.
Jörg Lenau Clive Davies
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Clive Davies

>I got to say, that a school-english or in general, transported language-learning isn't something, what is usefull at all, because with that, no one is able to interpret himself or understand someone else by that.
>As someone learns english that way, the reason is always not a personal one.
>Learning another language requires the same way as the mother language to understand the specific content. Looking into a dictionary for example makes it clear, how difficult it is, to only use the right words. And as there are cultural differences, there are just parts, which can be translated one-to-one.
>Within that, the 'real' language learning ist based on practical usage and starts at that point.
Thank you for your comments Herr Lenau. I agree with you that we learn best when we learn what we need to use. Watch out for my next posts in the series.

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