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Vallop Suksatitman GUIDE represented in IEC AAL Stage 0 Project meeting
GUIDE has been represented in the IEC meeting for the AAL Stage 0 project. In this meeting the requirements for future AAL-related media standards were discussed. GUIDE presented use cases for UI adaptation and emphasized the importance of user modelling, user profile standards and smart accessibility for services in AAL environments.
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Vallop Suksatitman GUIDE Workshop & technical demonstration @ NEM Summit 2012 in Istanbul
The GUIDE project has conducted its workshop on “Personalisable Media System & Smart Accessibility” at the NEM Summit 2012. The workshop could attract researchers as well as market observers and companies, and in several presentations aspects like user modelling, adaptive systems and market opportunities of accessibility could be investigated. GUIDE also showed live demonstrations of its open source software for user interface adaptation at the NEM Summit exhibition, and established new links with potential users of the software.
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Vallop Suksatitman GUIDE User Interface Adaptation Framework now available as Open Source
The GUIDE project from now on provides public and free access to its open source software framework for user interface adaptation. Interested institutions and developers can use the open source project web portal ( to get information about technical concepts, code documentation, source code and examples. The software will be further developed and improved by GUIDE partners, taking into account the feedback from the community.
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Vallop Suksatitman GUIDE demonstration @ IFA 2012
The GUIDE project has been represented at the IFA 2012 fair in Berlin. This time the project could present a demonstration of the GUIDE Open Source framework in action, showing multi-modal interaction and adaptation of user interfaces to individual user profiles. Besides many experts from media and broadcasting, the presentation could attract interested private visitors on the fair and illustrate the potential benefits of GUIDE for the end users.
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Vallop Suksatitman GUIDE Workshop “Personalisable Media Systems & Smart Accessibility” @ NEM Summit, Istanbul, Oct. 17, 2012
The GUIDE project organises a workshop ( on Personalisable Media Systems & Smart Accessibility at this year's Networked & Electronic Media (NEM) Summit 2012 in Istanbul, on October 17th, 2012. The workshop will present the latest achievements from the networked media- and e-Inclusion communities, and discuss how to integrate and manage personalisation features and accessibility mechanisms in future media systems, to provide improved experience and service access for all users, while at the same time efficiently supporting the industry in deploying individualized products.
The NEM Summit, with its community of over 700 members from academia and media business, is an excellent platform to present and discuss matters which directly concern the transition zone between research and industrial exploitation.
We invite experts from research and media industry to submit demo proposals, position papers, short- and full papers on topics including but not limited to:
Industrial applicability of personalisation and accessibility
Going from e-accessibility to personalised media experiences
Market opportunities through service & content personalisation
APIs and software frameworks
Smart e-Accessibility
Smart e-Inclusion
Personalisation of interaction
Human machine interaction
Adaptive interactive systems
User profiling & profile-based system configuration
Multi-modal interaction
Early bird registration @ NEM Summit: 31.07.2012 (Registration link)
Paper submission: 17.08.2012 (Submission link)
Notification of acceptance and paper review results: 07.09.2012
Submission of revised papers: 28.09.2012
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