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Radiation technologies (RT) are one of the most dynamic areas in the modern economy. The RT(radionuclides, electron accelerators) transform substances into completely different systems. It is possible to obtain beautiful products from bitumen, tar and fuel oil, which cost dozens of times more than gasoline. Electron irradiation of natural gas and associated petroleum gas makes it possible to obtain liquid hydrocarbons C6-C12.

The most dynamic areas of the RT today:

-water purification from organic substances that can not be removed in another way (phenols, hormonal drains, heptyl)

-preservation of objects of historical and cultural heritage

-increase in yield and shelf life of crops

-non-contact sterilization of medical devices and blood

-corrosion monitoring systems (methods of work with marked atoms, for example, the corrosion rate on equipment refineries was reduced by more than 40 times)

Research in the field of radiolysis of high-risk waste (including radiation waste) have the great public interest.

We can offer interested government and corporate structures

-Training dosimetrists, radiation monitoring systems

-Development of methods and work with marked atoms

-Corrosion researches using marked atoms

-organization of laboratories and departments on nuclear-physical methods

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