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Das Netzwerk der HTWK Leipzig und ihrer Vorgänger-Hochschulen. Hier treffen sich alle, die sich der Hochschule verbunden fühlen.

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Hello My Beloved Viewers

In this Article, I want you to aware about this Five Unique Strategies to Loot your Dream Job!

Most people who have a job or are on the market for a job also have a resume. In this area of digitalization you could argue that it’s becoming increasingly normal to apply for a job only using LinkedIn, Twitter or even Facebook. However, many companies, especially larger multinational companies still have their own ATS (Applicant Tracking System), such as Oracle’s Taleo, which require you to actually upload a resume.

Having a great resume is actually easy. There are only a few rules to follow and you will ensure your resume stands out. As an experienced guy in resume writing, I used to surf dozens of resumes every week. Sometimes you can get hundreds of templates for a single role and yes, having an easy to read resume WILL impact your chances of moving forward.

Follow these steps to ensure your resume stands out:

1. Maximum 2 pages. Many applicants’ long resumes that are not needed. Even if you have many different roles and/or worked for a number of different companies, you can still summarize it all in 2 pages. When listing your responsibilities make sure you just include the summary of what you were doing, not the whole job description you had.

2. Simple and clear format. Don’t overcomplicate it. Chose a simple, clear and structured format so that it is easy to read through. Share the chosen format with a friend and ask for their opinion — Can they easily read through it? Once finished, save it as PDF before submitting. Other formats may be distorted when uploaded in certain ATS’s.

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Sie müssen eine wissenschaftliche Arbeit schreiben und brauchen Hilfe beim Finden der Forschungslücke und bei der Formulierung der Forschungsfrage?

Dann ist der folgende Guide empfehlenswert für Sie:

Hier sind finden Sie mehrere Tipps sowie andere Artikel und Guides für das Finden der Forschungslücke und der Formulierung der Forschungsfrage bei wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten. Viel Erfolg dabei!

Everybody might've faced these situations,

1. Become Unemployed

2. An unsatisfied Job

3. Don't have the clarity to switch any job

4. Unable to find job listings that are out-of-date

5. Job seeking

In addition, If you don't want to waste your time submerged on the old job listings that are out-of-date and already filled.

Most of the time, the applicants who applied on time rather than later have a better shot at getting an interview than those who applied after the interview process has already begun.

What's the best way to find companies that have current open positions? How can you find jobs that are hiring right now? It depends on what type of job you're looking for, but there are some common ways to get the new job openings online and via email, as well as options for finding companies that are hiring right now.

Let's analyze through this article


TIPP: FINDEN und gefunden werden?

... vergiss bitte nicht, Dich im eigens für Dein Matrikel angelegten Jahrgang (lt. Immatrikulation) bzw. Studiengang einzutragen. So findest Du schneller Deine Kommilitonen und diese auch Dich.


... und jetzt viel Spaß und Erfolg!

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