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Hi all,
just wanted to jot down some thoughts I had on Monday's workshop in Stockholm...
First of all I'd like to thank all the organizers for their hard work, it was a really great event and I enjoyed meeting so many interesting people and hearing about their various projects! :-)
As always there are of course things that can be improved in the future. One thing that I personally would have liked to see is a very short round of introductions at the beginning of the workshop. Literally just 3 sentences from every participant on who s/he is, which organization s/he is associated with and what s/he is working on. Of course we had been informed about people and topics before the event but it's always good to be able to put faces to names and whatnot, especially considering the last minute changes as some people weren't able to attend.
While it was really great to hear so many presentations I would have also enjoyed an extra time-slot or two for discussions among the whole group or a third time-slot for discussions in the breakout groups.
In terms of the schedule I thought that the late afternoon was quite rough since a lot of presentations took place without so much as a 10min or 15min coffee break.
That's about all I can think of at the moment...


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