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ILMAC - Competence in Process and Laboratory Technology

Die ILMAC 2019 ist Ihre interaktive Netzwerk-Plattform zur effizienten Präsentation Ihrer Lösungen in der Prozess- und Labortechnologie.

Mahesh Gore Laboratory Centrifuge Market Industry Analysis Report 2018
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Key Industry Trends and Growth Factors :
Increasing disease prevalence along with increasing research and development activities in fields such as biochemistry, microbiology and molecular biology will drive business growth over the forecast period.
Increasing geriatric population base having higher susceptibility to diseases due to low immunity power will fuel industry growth. Growing awareness pertaining to need for early diagnosis has resulted in a rise in blood and urine tests aiding industry expansion.
Laboratory centrifuges are undergoing rapid advancements since their commercialization in the 1940’s. Traditionally rotors were constructed primarily from steel and metal alloys, however, innovations in material technology have paved the way for the use of composite materials such as carbon fiber with several highly desirable traits that overcome the limitations of metals.
Vacuum systems have been added for reducing friction and maintaining temperature control. Technological advancements are leading to higher adoption rates.
Prominent industry players :
Include Thermo Fisher Scientific, Eppendorf, Kubota, Qiagen and Beckman Coulter. The industry participants resort to various strategic initiatives such as new product development and acquisitions to enhance their industry presence. For instance, in May 2016, Eppendorf launched Centrifuge 5920R with high capacity and enhanced temperature management. The move has increased the company’s product offerings.


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