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ILMAC - Competence in Process and Laboratory Technology

Die ILMAC 2019 ist Ihre interaktive Netzwerk-Plattform zur effizienten Präsentation Ihrer Lösungen in der Prozess- und Labortechnologie.

Sigrid Passig Worldwide DIAGNOSTICS Network DIADOME has been launched! N
Worldwide DIAGNOSTICS Network DIADOME has been launched! LOOKING FOR AN EFFICIENT WAY TO PRESENT YOUR COMPANY WORLDWIDE? is a professional day-to-day business tool for companies and other organizations in the DIAGNOSTICS sector. JOIN US NOW FOR FREE! Create a worldwide company profile, load up your product/service catalogue and media of your company, publish articles and much more!
Sigrid Passig Welcome to DiaDome!
Dear colleagues,
we present DiaDome –
the innovative worldwide social network, designed specifically for the international diagnostic community, including 3 sub networks:
clinical, food & feed and veterinary diagnostics.
It serves companies and organizations as entities, eliminating personal interests and simplifying everyday operations such as
• networking
• live chat
• partner collaboration
• communication
• customer relationship management
• online marketplace
• product and service uploads
• media library and many more…
Our aim is to support you in order to generate long term success!
As Premium Member present at launch of DiaDome in early 2015 you will enjoy exceptional advantages and anticipate various incentives when registering at the inaugural stage.
Watch our image film at YouTube or to get a better Impression.
Feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to meeting you!
Best regards,
Sigrid Passig
CEO & Founder


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