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Adriaan Rainso Botha Creative and Multitalented...
About Me:
My name is Adriaan Rainso Botha and I recently decided to re-brand my business. Where it was previously known as Unlimited Prospects it will now be known as Adriaan Rainso Unlimited. That will allow me to take on various other business ventures as well.
I am a multitalented and adventurous visionary and dreamer. I mostly see visions of how things will look and then just color in the pictures with action. 100% of the times things work out the way I pictured it.
I demand much from myself from a career point of view.
I am very creative and worked on various retail promotions and theme parties with excellent results.
I am also a career coach and career related writer, I am also a CV/ Resume writer. I am also working on a book about creative interview questions.
I am a positive motivator that believe in reaching out and making a difference.
I am also a internet search engine and discovery engine guru. I can find anything you are looking for on the internet. I also assist people with a better online presence and better personal branding.
I make it hard for people to pigeon hole me.
I am always looking for ways to improve everything. I like to do things the right way and also believe in justice for all.
Thank you for your interest in knowing more about me.
I am currently: A business owner
Industry: Internet, Marketing and Advertising, Professional Training & Coaching, Writing and Editing
Position Within your Company: Owner/ Multitalented Visionary / Renaissance Man/ Creative Generalist
I Have: an Unlimited supply of things that I can offer... just ask... maybe I will be able to provide a unique insight into what you require.
I Need: Contacts, Friends and lots of unique out of the box opportunities. I am a believer in the "MAD" concept. (I need somewhere where I can Make A Difference)
Add me as a contact on Xing and at the following social networking sites:
Sandy Amoo Within the Spiritual World….
Within the Spiritual World….
Within the spiritual world, there is a door, through that you will one day go, alone, no one can go with you through that door or even show you that door, you have to figure out the way by yourself, but you do get directions that point the way for you to that door, if only you are willed and have enough faith and courage to see that, what many choose not to see, you will find that door, and from that moment, when you step through that door, you separate yourself spiritually from your old world though you are still part of the same, the world as you knew it before making that step, from that moment when you enter into that bright light, you start to see everything very clear, you start to really understand, you become bright, every thing is more….....there are no real words to describe that state, and it is similar to making that famous and mostly feared step, through that door where the physical and mental separate from the spiritual (interesting word “spirit ritual”;), some call it death! The two, both have something in common.
What would that be;?
Physical, mental and spiritual, all have their own cycle of time, one develops in a particular time cycle and the other in its own particular time cycle, and those cycles are mostly not aligned to each other unlike our universe, if one would be able to align them what would then happen;?
Who knows?
Joanne(Shayna Bracha) Farber
dear Sandy,
Within the Sprirtual world is a very vast universe.
with all of the forces trying to become the ONE.
YES, we have to balance these forces with love, compassion, forgiveness, and healing.
I do know that what happens in the spirtual world can effect you in the physical world as well.
WE just have become good souls on this planet to heal oursleves and reachout to others.
with the whole intentions is with love with no barriers!
joanne(shayna bracha)
Rik Konings I have a dream ....Creative World by empowering our children
Let me introduce myself, Rik Konings, 42, trainer, coach, entrepreneur, juggler and autor.
Last year I had a lifemoving expierence. I went on a humanitarian tour in Tanzania. With a group of clowns, singers, dancers, painters, players and a juggler(me) we visited orphanages, childrenhospitals and streetchildrenprojects( During this three weeks tour we touched the hearts of over a thousand children, most of them where orphans. And for me it gave me the feeling that all the children who are on this world without parents are OUR children. So I was very full off energy coming back from this trip. I met very inspiring and powerfull women who do make a different for this children. I decided to quit my job as a casemanager in forensic psychiatry and start gving creative workshops in companys as a professional trainer. Second part, and for me most important, of that decision is that I want to make a difference in the lives of this and other children.
To give my ideas for this more structure I starte Creative World Foundation to empower the children of the world by giving them creative activities like dance, art, theatre, movement, play and learn them circusskills. To make this movement with more impact it is planned to give the creative workshops for the workers of the institutes and orphanages and provide them with material so that the children will have a structural creative offer.
To make this activities happen I am looking for creative people who are willing to share their expertise in country's like Tanzania. In second place there is a place for companies who want to support projects in a labeled way, the advantage of this way that there is a connection between the sponsor and the institute so the company sees and hears the bennifits of his help.
To communicate my plans about creative world foundation to the world I am going to climb the highest mountain of Africa(Mt. Kilimanjaro 5895 m.) and when I am on the top I am going to announce my message to the world, ther will be a TV-camerateam accompany me and the I come off the mountain while juggling three balls. It is my goal to do this in febr/march 2009.
After this I will make my first Creative World Tour in Tanzania (Arusha district).
This summer I finish the website: and the English version.
Please connect if you want to join or know people who want to share their creative gifts.
"The sky is not the limit"


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