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INDIEN - Chancen in D-A-CH

INDIA - Prospects in Europe. Let's discuss Opportunities & Risks and Prospects for everybody who wants to be involved with INDIA.

Rudrani Singh Visit Pushkar - India for the World's most colourful animal fair !
The world's largest & most colourful animal fair will be held in the temple town of Pushkar 140 km from Jaipur. The dates 10th November to 18th November 2018. Enjoy spending time during the festival. We will drive you there. Come on 9 or 11 days holiday here and go back with happy memories.
Rudrani Singh Celebrate Diwali - festival of lights - in Jaipur - India
I invite all members to visit the beautiful & historic city of Jaipur on Diwali which this year is on 6th & 7th November 2018. I suggest a 9 or 11 days tour that includes
Taj Mahal at Agra, Ranthambore National Park to see tigers and much more. Stay in forts,castles & palaces. Please come in small groups so that we can take great care of you.
Please contact me for details & prices.


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