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Innovative Technologie vs. Energie-, Wasser- und Abwasserwirtschaft/ Advanced Technology vs. Energy, Water and Sewage Industry

Informationsaustausch, Dialog und Termine rund um die Themen Energie,- Wasser- und Abwasser vor dem Hintergrund neuer Technologien.

Rashika Verma Increasing Demand of Employment Screening Services market as per current market trends
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Employment Screening Services market is expected to grow to US$ 5.46 billion by 2025 from US$ 3.74 billion in 2016. Higher standards of living, higher job opportunities, access to modern amenities and services are the few major factors that have contributed in the migration of rural population to the urban areas around the world. Developing economies witnessed a steady growth in the post-recession era and thus there was rise in the disposable incomes by consumers. Also, as urbanization has increased, there have been increasing need for creation of jobs in the urban areas. The number of applicants applying for a job in any organization has increased to very high numbers.
Globalization has resulted in large influx of job immigrants majorly in the highly advanced countries of the world in search of better standards of living as well as better job opportunities. As per the statistics by US Government, the total number of working immigrants in the age group from 16 to 65 increased to 5.7 million by the first half of 2014. There has been increased influx of immigrants in lower-skilled jobs as well as highly professional jobs in the developed countries of US, UK, Germany and Canada.
Abhi Salunkhe Water Softnening Systems Market to 2027 - Global Analysis and Forecasts By Operation (Electric and Non-Electric); Design (Mono cylinder, Twin Cylinder, and Multi Cylinder)
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The water softening systems market is anticipated to grow in the forecast period owing to driving factors such as increasing demand for soft water across the globe and supportive government policies whereas the high cost of these solutions may hinder the growth of water softening systems market. The market is likely to showcase opportunities for the untapped markets and advancements in technologies for water softening.
Water softening systems are the devices that are used to remove the minerals from the water like calcium, magnesium and other ions which makes the water hard. Soft water extends the plumbing life of pipes and fittings. The water softening systems have a wide range of application in industrial, residential and commercial sectors.
Key Players:
Culligan International Company
EcoWater Systems LLC.
Harvey Water Softeners Ltd.
Hydroflux Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Kinetico Incorporated
Marlo Incorporateds
Monarch Water Ltd.
Pelican Water Systems (Enviro Water Solutions, Inc.)
Rohan Singh Global Gas Water Heater Market size for 2016 was valued over USD 8 Billion and is set to exceed 30 Million Units by 2024
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Government mandates toward adoption of energy efficient products along with increasing demand for replacement of existing heating systems across North America and Europe will augment the gas water heater market size. Advancing product efficiencies along with growing concern towards reduction in cost of energy and standby losses will further positively impact the business landscape. In 2017, Government of Canada implemented the federal Energy Efficiency Regulations 2016 repealing the existing regulations.
Rapid urbanization coupled with rising demand for tailored products subject to end-use applications will stimulate the gas water heater market. Developing economic scenario on account of rampant commercialization and residential establishments will boost the product demand across Asia Pacific region. The National Gas Utilise Policy by the Government of China implements standards and consumption codes to track and secure residential gas use for water heating and cooking purposes.


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