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Hier vernetzen sich Versicherungsmakler aus aller Welt, um sich über Märkte, die Branche und vieles anderes auszutauschen.

Tom Richter Global Credit Insurance Market 2025 is anticipated accounted to US$ 8.64 Bn in 2017 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.9%
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Growth in the recent five years is primarily driven by two major factors, unstable macroeconomic factors that are influencing the growth of credit insurance, and improving sales & accounts receivable support benefits to accentuate the demand for credit insurance. The scope of the research study includes different types of insurance players as global players, regional players as well as niche and local players operating in the credit insurance market. The study also provides market insights and analysis of the credit insurance market, highlighting the market technological trends, adoption rate, industry dynamics, and competitive analysis of major players in the industry.
The key industry players operating in credit insurance market globally Euler Hermes, Atradius N.V., Coface SA, American International Group, Inc., Credendo, QBE Insurance Group Ltd., Zurich Insurance Group, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, CESCE, and Export Development Canada among others. Several other participants are also operational in global credit insurance market that offers its customers with robust products and solutions, thereby catalyzing the demand of credit insurance market.
Rohan Shyler How has the Insurance Industry Dealt with Low Interest Rates
GlobalData’s "How has the Insurance Industry dealt with low interest rates?", report analyzes the impact and importance of low interest rates to life insurance and the strategies they undertake to shield themselves from such environments, thereby maintaining their profitability.
The insurance industry channels revenue from risk pooling services it provides to clients, and uses this to finance economic activity through investment in real and financial assets.
Since the financial crisis, interest rates in the developed world have fallen to record lows, and this shift has put insurers’ business model under increased pressure and scrutiny. A paper published by the Federal Reserve in October 2016 estimated that the changes in the demography of the US population since 1980 accounted for a 1.25% decline in the equilibrium real interest rate.
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