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Life gives us the best and the worst, but we can decide which one will stay with us day after day in this terrible Pandemic that plagues the world.

So it is essential to discover what is good for us, to face positively what the future holds in the post-Pandemic.

Yes, ... we must not give up, even if sometimes things are not going the way we intended, we are stressed and often lacking in hope. !!

And for that we have a Helper wiser than any human being: God !!! It is only He who can give an unparalleled hope to our hearts. It is only through its power that what seems impossible to our eyes can be accomplished. If we seek his ways we can be sure that we will never be disappointed.

Big wins are not achieved without strategy, let alone achieved overnight. Choice criteria, persistence in the path and spirit of sacrifice will always be great allies. Undoubtedly, if we take all of this into account, life, sooner or later, will end up smiling at us ...... Believe it !!!

The vast majority of founders have many pressing questions about Startup Valuation when first starting their fundraising journey. Usually, most of these questions remain unanswered, so in order to inform and help new founders and startup owners.

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Another reason why recruiters like to do their own looking is that they are being inundated with applications. On average, recruiters receive 250 resumes per posting, but this number can reach astonishing heights for highly-coveted companies, like the Fortune 100s. For example, back when Marissa Mayers was CEO at Yahoo, she claimed Yahoo was receiving a staggering 12,000 resumes from applicants world-wide every week. This volume in turn impacts how much time recruiters spend reviewing each resume—on average 3 to 6 seconds for each resume, with the most attention (40% more) going to professionally-written resumes. Given the volume of resumes circulating, the FLIP Tip here is that it is critical for a job-seeker’s resume to immediately catch the eye of the recruiter in a meaningful way. Email to set up an exploratory call. #SandraCampin

Many recruiters believe it is five times more effective to find a strong candidate through their own searches in recruiter databases or in LinkedIn than to receive a resume. So essentially, recruiters like to do their own looking/shopping for talent (From this point on, it helps to think of the recruiter as a ‘talent shopper’). In part, this is because they want the ‘absolute best fit’ for their requirements. To this end, recruiters typically search for “talent by title”. This point is HUGELY CRITICAL - I like to say: “the market is title-centric”. So given that recruiters prefer to find/’shop for’ top talent themselves AND they are often searching by title, the FLIP Tip here is that It’s hugely important for the graduate’s resume to be “findable by title” under the titles they aspire to. Email to set up an exploratory call. #SandraCampin