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IOTA und der Tangle sind ein Paradigmen-Wechsel im Bereich der verteilten Ledger. Quantensicher, hochskalierbar und transaktionskostenfrei.

Wir sind auf der Suche nach leidenschaftlichen Entwickler:innen für DLT-Projekte mit IOTA. Als Festanstellung oder Studententätigkeit/Abschlussarbeit. 👨🏻‍💻

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Jun 2, 2021



Today we launch the IOTA 2.0 DevNet, the first fully decentralized IOTA network without the need of a Coordinator, together with our new Digital Assets framework. We invite everyone (and every machine) to join this network, to learn, and to experience the future of IOTA today. Check the fancy new website (, the Tangle explorer, and the developer documentation (


In 2015, the IOTA project laid out a vision for a scalable, feeless, decentralized distributed ledger protocol which became known as The Tangle.

Copying a PoW or PoS-based blockchain and improving upon it would have been easy. Some blockchain iterations have provided significant improvements to the first protocol proposed by Bitcoin in 2008. Yet still, after more than a decade of innovation, all of these networks suffer from the same fundamental drawbacks introduced by a blockchain architecture: either they are not truly decentralised, not scalable, have inefficient fee structures, waste electricity, or are simply not secure enough (or even multiple of these issues combined).

From 2015 onwards many believed that it was impossible to overcome these fundamental drawbacks and introduce a completely new distributed ledger architecture. “I’ll believe it when I see it” was a popular and often repeated mantra by early critics of IOTA’s ambitious plans. It is clear why that was the case: there was no tangible proof for the feasibility of developing a DLT based on something other than the common blockchain architecture, or a network that could be deemed secure without transaction fees and economic subsidies (in the form of inflation) to incentivize validators. IOTA wanted to prove that both were achievable.

By 2019, the IOTA research team and academic partners outlined the theoretical foundation of a feeless, fully decentralized and secure IOTA protocol - what became known as IOTA 2.0. The solution was subsequently defined and peer reviewed in more than a dozen academic papers, published through reputable journals and presented at prestigious conferences.

We designed the IOTA 2.0 protocol to be an open, equitable and fair distributed ledger network, where every network participant is governed by the same rules and algorithms and has the exact same rights. Built on a leaderless consensus protocol, every node directly contributes to the security and consensus of the network by validating transactions. With low-resource requirements suitable for the Internet of Things our vision was that IOTA 2.0, once deployed in production, would become one of the largest and most decentralized distributed ledger networks possible.

After years of hard work to implement the theoretical foundations into code by our team and academic partners, and nearly a year of extensive testing, validation and iterative development together with our community, we are finally ready for everyone to “see it and believe it”. We are proud to announce today the launch of the IOTA 2.0 Development Network (DevNet): the first fully decentralized, scalable and feeless IOTA network, as was envisioned at the inception of the project in 2015.

No fees.

No blocks.

No chain.

No miners.

No wasted energy.

No censorship.

No centralization.

No permissions.

Total freedom!

The IOTA 2.0 DevNet is open for any one and any machine to participate in, to transact without any fees, to build on - and to experience the future of IOTA today. We have developed a number of ways in which you can ...

Reminder: From now on, the #Trinity wallet is not supported any longer. Use the newly designed #Firefly wallet instead to migrate #tokens or to transfer #IOTA tokens in the new #Chrysalis network. Visit:



Apr 28, 2021

Genesis loaded ….

Coordinator deployed ….

Nodes online ….

Community ready to participate ….

Chrysalis ready for launch!

We are over the moon to announce that the Chrysalis network upgrade is officially live. We have entered a new dawn for IOTA, with a brand new protocol, wallet and suite of libraries now fully operational. With Chrysalis, IOTA is becoming production ready, and we have a clear path towards our full decentralization with Coordicide.

Tokens worth more than $1.4 billion were locked for migration prior to the network launch. These tokens are now available under their respective EdDSA addresses in the Chrysalis network, and users that have not yet migrated can now do so through our fluid migration process. Tokens held on exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex or Bitpanda, as well as many others preparing for the network update, have been migrated by the respective exchanges on behalf of their customers.

Users maintaining (or planning to maintain) a Chrysalis Hornet or Chrysalis Bee node can now upgrade their systems, using the respective latest releases (Chrysalis Hornet release, Chrysalis Bee release). The same applies to anyone intending to maintain a legacy IOTA node, for which we prepared a release as well.

On behalf of the entire IOTA Foundation, we want to congratulate our community and the team for their outstanding work, suggestions, improvements, the long days and nights and the many feedback rounds which resulted in ...