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IOTA Tangle

IOTA und der Tangle sind ein Paradigmen-Wechsel im Bereich der verteilten Ledger. Quantensicher, hochskalierbar und transaktionskostenfrei.

Iotalogo IOTA Tangle is organising the following event: IOTA Newsletter #15 — Chronicle Permanode Solution, Industry Marketplace & Linux Collaboration
Iotalogo IOTA Tangle Libra could strengthen Facebook’s data ownership over its user base: IOTA Co-founder
Facebook’s Libra continued to make the headlines this week after it was recently announced that Mark Zuckerberg was scheduled to appear and testify before a Congressional Committee on 23 October. This news comes after a host of reactions from lawmakers, regulators and entrepreneurs from all across the world. The latest to opine on Libra is the Co-founder of IOTA.
In a recent interview with Cheddar, Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder of IOTA, discussed the situation surrounding Libra, its place in the ecosystem and the IOTA ecospace.
Schiener said that over the past few years, it has been fairly evident that blockchain companies cannot flourish in the industry without the help of regulators and policymakers, shaping a proper framework. The Co-founder claimed that Libra completely neglected the regulator part at the start of development, which is why the project was currently backfiring. He stressed that regulation was instrumental for adoption as its absence would make it a difficult task for cryptos to achieve ...
Iotalogo IOTA Tangle is organising the following event: Coordicide update — Autopeering: Part 1
The Autopeering Module
A few months ago, we opened up the source code of GoShimmer, IOTA’s prototype and research tool to experiment and test the building blocks of Coordicide. We are thrilled to see such a big and productive engagement from the community and we want to thank you all for your contributions and feedback! They have been very useful to improve GoShimmer as well as to help us identify how to better redesign the autopeering module.
We are excited to share with you the source code of the improved redesign of the autopeering module. You can access the code from the following repository:
In the IOTA protocol, a node (or peer) is a machine storing the information about the Tangle, IOTA’s underlying data structure. Nodes also commonly act as the entry point for accessing and utilizing the Tangle. In order for the network to work efficiently, nodes exchange information with each other to be kept up-to-date about the new ledger state. Currently, a manual peering or connection process is used for nodes to register mutually as neighbors. However, manual peering might be subject to attacks (e.g., social engineering) to affect the network topology. To prevent these attacks, and to simplify the setup process of new nodes, we introduced, in the Coordicide white paper, a mechanism that allows nodes to choose their neighbors automatically. The process of nodes choosing their neighbors without manual intervention by the node operator is called autopeering.
The aim of the autopeering module redesign is to ease simulations while keeping the same code base that will be used in ...
Iotalogo IOTA Tangle Send IoT Data to the IOTA Tangle with SAP HANA XSA and Analytics Cloud
by Ferry Djaja
In this blog, we’ll learn how to send the IoT data to the IOTA Tangle with SAP HANA XSA and display it real time in SAP Analytics Cloud.
In order to build this app, you need to have the following components:
IOTA Tangle (
SAP HANA XS Advanced (XSA)
SAP Analytics Cloud
IOTA is an open source distributed ledger called Tangle that is developed for Internet of Things (IoTs) or Machine to Machine (M2M) economy. But its technology is also well suited for payments between humans as well. You can read more information on
Scenarios ...
Torsten Heissler Stefano Mura
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Iotalogo IOTA Tangle is organising the following event: IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener discusses the regulatory questions surrounding Facebook's #Libra and how #IOTA is doing things differently [Video]
IOTA co-founder @DomSchiener discusses the regulatory questions surrounding Facebook's #Libra and how #IOTA is doing things differently on
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