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IOTA Tangle

IOTA und der Tangle sind ein Paradigmen-Wechsel im Bereich der verteilten Ledger. Quantensicher, hochskalierbar und transaktionskostenfrei.

Lukas Adler Umfrage
Hallo zusammen, da IOTA als Schwerpunkt das IoT hat, hätte ich einige Fragen an die Community. Im Rahmen meiner Masterarbeit forsche ich zum Thema Chancen von Distributed Ledger Technologien im Produktionsumfeld. Gerne ausfüllen - dauert ca. 3 Minuten. Vielen Dank.
Iotalogo IOTA Tangle is organising the following event: IOTA becomes founding member of International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications
IOTA's co-founder Dominic Schiener and director of social impact and public regulatory affairs, Julie Maupin at International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) digital signing at European Commission headquarters.
Iotalogo IOTA Tangle is organising the following event: Fujitsu at Hannover Messe presenting their show case with DLT IOTA
Iotalogo IOTA Tangle is organising the following event: IOTA at Hannover Messe 2019
If you are working in any industry-related area, you already know that Hannover Messe (#HM2019) is one of the most exciting global exhibitions showcasing the latest news, stories and trends of the industrial world.
The IOTA protocol is maturing towards production through its technological developments, as well as through standardization, partnerships, startups support and our open-ecosystem engagements. We are very excited to also see an accelerating number of exhibitors at Hannover Messe, using IOTA’s open and free technology to demonstrate the benefits of...
Iotalogo IOTA Tangle is organising the following event: IOTA - Achieving Data Integrity
Critical infrastructure and the IOTA MAM
IoT is transforming every aspect of society. The increase of sensor data gives the opportunity to improve the way we are living. Data of traffic situations for example is used to help everyone to navigate their car more efficiently by finding the best route. IoT is not only integrated in the private sector it is also integrated in the public sector. Infrastructure is a good example for the increased use of IoT.
Critical Infrastructure & IoT
Public infrastructure is considered as roadways, bridges, airports and airway facilities, mass transportation systems, water supply, waste treatment plants, energy facilities, hospitals, public buildings and communication facilities (Moteff and Parfomak 2004). In water supply systems valves, the water treatment system and further elements are controlled and...


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