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Iran Business Club

The Iran Business Club (IBC) is the venue for businessmen to meet and connect with eachother.

Metehan Kurt Iron&Steel Products From Turkey
We serve below products to all over the world.
Iron and Steel Products
• Nails (Concrete, Umbrella-Roof, Construction)
• Rebar
• Wire (Rod, Mesh, Galvanized, Barbed, PVC coated)
• NPU-NPI Profiles
• Steel Flat-Square-Round Bar
Mineral Products
• Metallurgical Fluorspar (CaF2 >80%)
• Barite
• Acid-Spar (CaF2 >95%)
With global market strategy, information marketing system and efficient response to market position. We always communicate with our customers actively and response quickly to provide better service.
If requested, catalog and more references can be shared.
Loading Port: Iskenderun or Istanbul, Turkey


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