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Iran Business Club

The Iran Business Club (IBC) is the venue for businessmen to meet and connect with eachother.

Vitaly Siratskii How increase the fertile land area?
Unfortunately, recently the area of land suitable for agriculture has been constantly decreasing. At the same time, the need for such lands is constantly growing, as the population of the earth increases. This problem is particularly acute in countries where most of the territory is unsuitable for farming. For them, the only way out is to bring in fertile land on which to grow plants again.
As a solution of such problem, we would like to offer you the highest quality nutritive soil suitable for growing organic products.
Delivery in Big beg or in bulk on the vessel.
Intermediaries are invited to cooperate.
Claudia Behr Aktueller Handlungsbedarf: Brexit, EU- und US-Sanktionen und -Embargos, Strafzölle
Claudia Behr Iran-Sanktionen: USA widerrufen General License H


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