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iSAQB International Software Architecture Qualification BoardiSAQB International Software Architecture Qualification Board

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The iSAQB® is the leading association for the certification and training of software architects.

The iSAQB has recognized Brightest as a new certifying body for the CPSA - Foundation Level. Brightest is an internationally active examination provider based in Berlin, Germany:

The curriculum for the new CPSA Advanced Level module Web Security (WEBSEC) from iSAQB is now online: In the new module, software architects learn in detail what "Security" is and how it can be integrated into the analysis and development lifecycle with a technical focus on webbased systems. The dates for the first training courses will be published shortly on our website Stay tuned!

Pre-order is now available: The new and updated edition of the book "Basiswissen für Softwarearchitekten" ("Software Architecture Fundamentals") will be published in German language in July.

The book can be used to prepare for the CPSA - Foundation Level exam. It offers a wealth of fundamental knowledge for software architects according to the iSAQB standard:

You can find the current edition in English language under this link:

The iSAQB has recognized ACerT - Academia Brasileira de Certificações e Treinamentos, based in São Paulo, Brazil, as a newly recognized certification body for the CPSA® Foundation Level in Brazil: Exams for the CPSA - Foundation Level will soon be available in Portuguese at all recognized certification bodies:

Mein Kollege Stefan Toth hat im embarc-Blog persönliche Erfahrungen geteilt. Eine etwas ältere rund ums Scheitern (und Geschichten aus seiner Schulzeit sind stets ein Highlight), und weitere frische -- aus unseren iSAQB Remote-Seminaren die letzten Wochen. Denn mit Webcam an und Folien vorlesen ist es nicht getan ... der Ausgang ist aber glücklicher als bei seinem Referat.

iSAQB - The Standard in Software Architecture

The International Software Architecture Qualification Board brings together professional software architecture experts from industry, consulting, training, academia and other organisations.

The iSAQB is an international board (established as an association according to German law) with the following objectives:
- Creating and maintaining consistent syllabi and curricula for software architects (Certified Professional for Software Architecture)
- Defining certification examinations on the basis of CPSA curricula
- Ensuring the professional quality of teaching and initial and further training for software architects

The iSAQB defines training and examination rules and regulations but does not carry out any training or examinations itself, which it assigns to external (licensed) training and examination organisations. It also determines as well as monitors the relevant processes required.