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Bodo W. Hellmann Unique opportunity to participate in an art auction in Switzerland(Basel )
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Unique opportunity to participate in an art auction in Switzerland
The auction market is highly competitive and accepts only artwork from established artists or from those have already offered their artworks at auctions. Despite this fact the auction house “Fine Art” from Leipzig, devoted since 2006 to support also unknown artists, offers a unique opportunity. Contemporary artists are given the chance to test the art market and their value and see how the collectors respond to their work.
The auction house “Fine Art” accepts a participation in an art auction in Basel, where good art is adequately rewarded.
The offer is not a gift and not a promotion of culture but an attractive business opportunity.
The offer:
Art auction in Basel
Organizer: Auction house “Fine Art”
Location: Aeschengraben 31, Hilton Basel, 4051 Basel, Switzerland
Auction date: December 12, 2014 (auction day), starting at 10 am
Preview: December 11, 2014 by 2 pm to 8 pm in the Salon Regio & Boardroom
12 December 2014 from 4 pm little happening with drinks and snacks in the Foyer Salon Nations
Special offer: The auction participation fee is only 550 CHF plus VAT per person (artist) therefore the artist receives 90% of the surcharge.
Usually, the payout at art auctions is around 70%.
Each consignor may submit two paintings up to a maximum size of 150 x 130 cm.
Submission of works is in Basel
The consignor receives a delivery contract. See more information and explanations to art auctions here at
Mr. Bodo W. Hellmann is available for questions at the hotline Germany + 49-151-17267512 or + 49 36961-31999 and Mr. Olaf Steffen Winter (Basel) 079 102 64 74.
The registration is free of charge under
Application deadline: 10.23.2014


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