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Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Immobilienmakler in Tel-Aviv
Wer in Tel-Aviv wohnt, kennt die prekäre Lage, gute und professionelle Wohnungsmakler zu finden.
Ich bin da anders und habe mir eine demensprechende Immobilienagentur ausgesucht, weil ich mir Proffessionalität, Transparenz, Zuverlässigkeit und Nachhaltigkeit auf die "Bausteine" geschrieben habe.
Wer eine Wohnung für sich, eine Investition oder einfach nur fragen zum aufregensten Immobilienmarkt in Israel hat, ist eingeladen mich zu kontaktieren.
Freue mich auf eure PM´s
Nur für XING Mitglieder sichtbar Agricultural technology
Alexander Ivanov Huge water savings. The killer of traditional toilet bowls
Water is the most important resource for humanity. Drinking water is used for personal and industrial consumption.
The increase in the population of people predetermines the economical and rational use of scarce water resources.
In the structure of personal consumption, the greatest proportion of water consumption falls on the toilet (30-40%). Many states have legislative measures regarding mandatory economical water use. The most common legislative measure of economy is the limitation of the volume of the discharge tank (for example, in China and the USA - no more than 6 liters).
The revolutionary technology of the toilet was presented by the Russian inventor. As shown by recent tests, his toilet uses only 1.5 liters of water for superfine flushing. The inventor abandoned the traditional layout of the toilet, which has been used for two centuries without significant changes. The flushing is carried out by the water-air flow and uses the pressure in the water pipe itself. The new toilet has several advantages:
- low level of water consumption for flushing (now 1.5 liters, the inventor plans to reduce water costs to 1 liter)
- Improved flushing quality, there is no need for repeated flushing (familiar to everyone) and using a toilet brush
- there is no need for constant maintenance and replacement of fittings (it simply does not exist), there are no leaks (significant budget savings, plumber is needed for installing the toilet only)
- Vandalism resistance (the container storage is made of stainless steel)
- reduction in weight and dimensions of the device in comparison with traditional toilet (actual for the re-equipment of airplanes, trains, etc.)
- a wide color palette, the technology is universal and can be replicated from economy class models to luxury products.
The wide application of the new device will allow both personal consumer benefits (reduction of water costs, cervice and chemicals) and positive macroeconomic (reduction of energy costs and maintenance costs of water and sewerage systems) and ecology effects (huge savings in water resources, the possibility of partial failure from harmful desalination of sea water).
Interest in the device from a number of investors and potential producers allows us to hope that we will see mass production and use of innovative toilet in different countries of the world in the medium term.
Alexander Ivanov
At its core, the new toilet works on the principle of hydroaccumulator. The most famous traditional analogue is the American manufacturer FLUSHMATE (four times the water flow for flushing, several times more expensive, limited resource).


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