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IT Freelance Network

Diese Gruppe richtet sich an Freelancer aus dem IT- und Internet-Bereich. Wir veranstalten regelmäßige Netzwerk-Treffen in Berlin.

Carlos Müller Dringend Teilnehmer für Viral-Clip gesucht
Hello! If you are looking for a cool opportunity to get to know new people and support our study on how different factors impact creativity, join us tomorrow
Friday, Feb 16th
at GUICE Creative Space (
Zionskirchstraße 63
We will be shooting the 4th episode of ExperiMENTAL video series, testing impact of food on creativity. 30 complete strangers, delicious and free lunch and fun team games that measure the creative outcome. Sounds interesting?
Here you can find previous ExperiMENTAL episodes:
Looking forward to seeing you there!

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