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Erwin Schnee Information Security in Healthcare Conference, 6. Juni 2019
Protect - Detect - Respond: So lautet das Motto der diesjährigen Information Security in Healthcare Conference, die am 6. Juni 2019 im Zentrum Dorfmatt in Rotkreuz stattfindet. Die wachsende technische Infrastruktur im Medizinbereich bringt grosse Erleichterungen im Arbeitsalltag, birgt aber auch verschiedene Risiken. Programm und Anmeldung
Only visible to XING members Artificial Intelligence is the Stethoscope of the 21st Century
An artificially intelligent stethoscope is an advanced version of the traditional stethoscope that has been used since ages. An AI stethoscope converts the signals obtained by an audio into a digital signal. The data with these digital signals can be transformed from stethoscope to a device with the help of a USB. This not only enables the retention of data for a longer time, but also helps in easy examination of a patient by the physician.
The Artificially intelligent stethoscope market is anticipated to grow in the forecast, owing to rising prevalence chronic diseases as well as the need to provide better healthcare services. In addition, the technological advancement due to incorporation of digitalization is expected to offer significant growth opportunities in the market during the forecast period.
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Only visible to XING members How Blockchain Technology can transform the healthcare sector?
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Currently, several healthcare systems are facing challenges attributed to limited access to care, exorbitant costs, imprecise reimbursement models, and the unreliable quality of patient safety & care. This has resulted in the innovative formation of the new accurate healthcare ecosystem. Advance technologies including blockchain and deep learning can help in saving costs, increase data flow, improve regulatory compliance, and enhance patient experience and outcomes.
Satyajit Shinde Telehealth Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Product (Integrated and Standalone), Type (Hardware, Services, and Software)
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Telehealth is a technique of exchanging data from a patient at home to healthcare professional for getting assistance in monitoring and diagnosing. Telehealth allows the healthcare practitioner to easily offer their services on consultation, care management, diagnosis, and self-management services using information & communication technologies (ICT). These services are being offered through various mode of delivery such as on-premise, web-based, and cloud-based.
Growing aging population, increase in number of chronic diseases, and increasing demand for home monitoring devices are the major drivers which are likely to aid the growth of telehealth market. Rising technological advancements and enhancing demand for home monitoring solutions are likely to add new opportunities for this market in the coming years.
The major players operating in the market of telehealth market include Medtronic, Cerner Corporation, Tunstall Healthcare, AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc., Philips Healthcare, Cisco Systems, Inc., Aerotel Medical Systems Ltd., Honeywell Life Care Solutions, Medvivo Group Ltd., American Well among others.


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