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This group is for trade visitors & exhibitors of ITB Berlin (Diese Gruppe ist für Fachbesucher & Aussteller der ITB Berlin)

You would like to have targeted sales meetings with relevant #businesspartners in the #tourismindustry? Then make a note of our live and virtual buyers-sellers networkings at the We Love Travel! Event.

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Business Travel Collapse: Will There Be A Successful Recovery?

It looks like business travel will remain benched on the sideline: home office, video conferencing, MICE shutdown, companies under cost pressure, bankruptcies ... Has the business travel segment suffered irreparable damage or can we hope for a successful recovery? What are the plans of global companies and what do their travel budgets look like for the future? How can the business travel segment recover and what can travel providers do now?

Mr Carnier presents first findings from the VDR Business Travel Analysis 2020, reveals the status quo in top German companies and the global business travel segment.

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