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iTUG - India TYPO3 User Group

The Official TYPO3 Usergroup of India -

Sanjay Chauhan [T3EXT DAY] TYPO3 Plugin for Instagram
The Instagram TYPO3 Extension which display gallery, feeds and phototile from multiple #Instagram accounts. Checkout this article to setup #TYPO3 #Extension & a very attractive frontend display of Instagram images at your lovely TYPO3 website. #TER
Sanjay Chauhan 25 useful tools, libraries and resources for Web Developer
In this article, I am going to share some useful #tools and #libraries for #JavaScript and #CSS. It will help you to make modern & quick frontend development. Take a quick look at
Sanjay Chauhan AtoZ about TYPO3 v8 CMS
TYPO3 v8 is one of the most important LTS version releases in the TYPO3 History. You may call it the #NextGenerationCMS (Content Management System). It gives TYPO3 the long-awaited major boost in functionality and features. In this blog, you will find detail about the new improvements & features. We hope, this will help #Developers, #Integrators, #Editors & #Administrators to understand #TYPO3 8 in depth, Checkout AtoZ details at
Sanjay Chauhan 11 Tips for “how to be a Healthy web developer”
At this Diwali, We have just prepared good "non-technical" blog, after all Health is Wealth. Being a #WebDeveloper is not an easy thing when you have lot of stress at #work, 12 to 14 hours of work and some common problems amongst web developers are Back Pain, mental stress, Low Eye Sight etc., All these things really can turn your personal life and your #Health into #worst condition. Checkout the detailed blog at
Sanjay Chauhan [T3EXT DAY] TYPO3 Plugin for!
The TYPO3 extension is developed to integrate all the features of which is one of the most popular third-party social media platforms! #TYPO3 #Sharethis #Extension #TER #T3ExtDay


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