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Japanese Language School Asahi offers Japanese language courses and internships in Fukuoka, Japan tailored to the needs of every student..

I was fascinated by the way of thinking, which people call it “the Japanese Spirit”. I thought that particular spirit makes Japan and the Japanese people unique.

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Before I came to Fukuoka, I didn’t think about Japan as a good place for swimming. You never hear about the famous Japanese beaches, right?

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Did you ever experience modern toilets in Japan?

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It became cold, but did you catch a cold? If you catch a cold, you will have a fever, feel cold, and have a sore throat. When you have a sore throat, what do you do?

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If you want to move to Tokyo, be warned. A new survey says the Japanese capital is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

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FRC Diploma for working and living in Japan

The diploma that helps you get a visa and a job
In recent years, more and more foreigners have decided to live in Japan. At first, the majority tries to start their career by teaching languages. Because of this, many schools face the issue of having to decide between a high number of applicants, who sometimes have little to no teaching background and who struggle to adjust to the Japanese culture. This is where the FRC Diploma helps. It proves that the holder has the qualification to organize and lead language courses as well as the necessary understanding of the Japanese culture. The diploma also offers transparency and common quality standards to answer the high expectations of the Japanese students. Applicants holding the FRC Diploma have a much higher chance to find a job and get a working visa (some language schools in Fukuoka accept only applicants possessing that diploma). It is a door opener that will make you stand out from all other applicants.