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Muthukumaran Selvaraj Recruiting Automobile Design Engineers for Japan
Hi Friends,
Good Afternoon!
We are hiring Automobile lighting / Lamp design engineers for Japan.
** Candidate should have experience in Lamp design using CATIA software
** Must have proficiency in Japanese ( N3 /N2/N1)
Interested candidates please forward your resume to
Nihon Technology, INDIA
Harald Robert Kroll this still vacant? Pls. send job offen to
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My name is Bernd Wieland and I am new to this group.
I am from Germany and I studied physics at the technical university. Actually I live and work in Japan together with my half German and half Japanese wife. From early on I had great interest in the Japanese culture and way of living. Therefore I also started to learn Japanese. Last November I successfully managed to pass the N5 level. For this year’s Summer I plan to try the N4 level.
I hope that I can contribute to the discussions on this forum and also find some interesting informations that might help me to be better prepared for the test.
Yours sincerely,
Bernd Wieland
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Hallo and greetings to the JLPT group at XING.
definetely, there are many pages on the internet made by people learing japanese
language. There is also a lot information about it.
so i decided to setup the group within XING to accumulate some of the information
about language learning and life in japan from other groups.
Themes about learning language are also welcome as
ideas about how to find a japan related position or how to plan a holiday in japan.
i am open to any topics of interests, though i think themes about japanese anime
or manga are better to be discussed in other forums on the internet.
By the way, i am thinking about using in this forum japanese language as a main
language, what do you think ?


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