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Andreas Umland #Doublespeak: The Rhetoric of the #FarRight. Eds @Matthew_Feldman @PNJackson101
Matthew Feldman & Paul Jackson (eds.), Doublespeak: The Rhetoric of the Far Right since 1945. Stuttgart: ibidem-Verlag 2014. Distributed outside Europe by Columbia University Press.
Published in the book series "Explorations of the Far Right" edited by Anton Shekhovtsov.
This timely intervention exposes the euphemized language of the extreme right as a Trojan Horse of deception to re-gain greater influence on public policy. Since the end of the Second World War, the extreme right has been tactically using ‘doublespeak’, aping the language of liberal democracy. Attentive observation and accurate recognition of the extreme right pedigree means taking seriously their deliberately crafted slogans, symbols and themes. The essays in this book inquire into the extreme right’s attempts at ‘repackaging’ contemporary ultranationalism to make it palatable to more mainstream European and American tastes.
336 pages. Paperback. 2014
ISBN 978-3-8382-0554-0
ISSN 2192-7448
Featured reviews:
"Interesting books address relevant issues, study largely neglected cases, or provoke further research by raising new questions with its answers to old ones. Doublespeak does all of this and more, making it an important contribution to the literature on the far right for scholars and students from a broad variety of academic disciplines"
Cas Mudde, University of Georgia
"In Doublespeak Feldman and Jackson have collected an impressive range of contributors who analyse the language of the far- and extreme-right with both historic breadth and linguistic detail. This volume demonstrates, in a clear and precise manner, the ways extremists camouflage their language, in a series of elaborate codes and euphemisms, in order to conceal their anti-democratic nature and appear more moderate. This vitally important collection will prove stimulating and useful for all opponents of right-wing extremism, both inside and outside academia. I cannot recommend this book highly enough."
John Richardson, Loughborough University
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