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Kids with a Cause Europe

We promote the philosophy of collective responsibility and ask children to help children in need worldwide.

Kwac e logo Kids with a Cause Europe Medical help for children and youth in Syria and region! Please donate now.
An organization, Kids with a Cause Europe would like to raise money for, to help children in need around Syria.
SWISSCROSS FOUNDATION based in Zurich, Switzerland. Improve safety & security for health care services in armed conflicts and natural disasters. Kids with a Cause Europe does highly recommend this organization.
Link to donation button of KWACE: (credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer is possible). Please scroll down the contact form to get there. Thank you so much!
Kwac e logo Kids with a Cause Europe NEW SPONSOR FOR ONLINE ADS - Google Grants
Kids with a Cause Europe is a Google Grants recipient. The Google Grants program supports registered charities, who share the philosophy of Google regarding community service and want to make our world better in the fields of science, technic, education, public health care, environment, supporting youth and arts. Google Ad Grants is an advertising program, wich offers free online advertisements on Google AdWords to NPO's.
Link to Google Grants:
Kwac e logo Kids with a Cause Europe Closing event of FUTURE PRESIDENT project 2015/2016
Last Wednesday we from KWACE had the grand pleasure to join the official closing event of the FUTURE PRESIDENT CALENDAR project 2015/2016. The classes have organized a beautiful concert hall in a Gymnasium where the bulling my have past ist 300 birthday.
In cooperation with Kids with a Cause Europe, the students of the 1.IOS Sarnen created and sold table calendars for 2017. The calendars have been a combination out of emotional and touching poems and beautiful self created pictures of animals.
The students did first introduce us was they have been doing all this time, like the have got the ideas, who the have choosen CVT-Myanmar to support, etc. Then KWACE was on stage thanking for the huge effort the students and the teachers brought in to this project. Then M. Portmann (President from CVT-Myanmar) explained what CVT-Myanmar and E4Y (education for you) are doing in Myanmar to help youth to get a better future though education. Finally Julia Koch-Anderhalden (main teacher of 1.IOS) closed the event with nice thanks and had the good news for the student, that the have earned trough this project CHF 1'300 for their school skiing holiday.
Facts & Figures
Sold: 900 calendar
Turn over: 7'120.00 CHF
Ski holiday: 1'300.00 CHF
Costs: 2'477.30 CHF
KWACE: 173.45 CHF
CVT-Myanmar: 3'249.40 CHF (final donation for E4Y)
It was exiting to work with the 1.IOS in Sarnen and also to work with the people behind CVT-Myanmar and E4Y. We hope, that this hasn't been our last project together.


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