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Kids with a Cause Europe

We promote the philosophy of collective responsibility and ask children to help children in need worldwide.

Kilian Bader Cooperation between BASSOTU & Kids with a Cause Europe
Check this link to Google+ to see the effort BASSOTU makes in Tanzania with their education of children, education of young people and supporting health care in the region. Additional they build schools and weekly homes for students, who live to far away. Link to gallery at Google+:
Kilian Bader Children helping children worldwide!
The FUTURE PRESIDENT calendar 2015 has been created and sold by the students of the pull-out classes of the primary school of Schuebelbach. They raised over a CHF 5'300 to donate to the foundation BASSOTU (Altendorf SZ/Tanzania). These people used the money given to build new schools, weekly homes and covering the health care. A huge compliment to the students and these, who where helping them!
This August 2016 we are searching for a school or association, who would like to create and sale the calendar 2017 with us. There are so many children and young people, who might need your help!
Link to FUTURE PRESIDENT calendar pictures:
Photo by Matthew Jordan Smith - former member of the first board of KWACE
Kilian Bader Auction of celeb shirts April 25 + 26
On April 25 + 26 you can auction shirts to help children in need. There are original signed shirts of Roger Federer, Usain Bolt, Mo Farah, Fabio Capello and Jacques Rogge. Interested? Please just follow this link to auction worldwide:
Am 25. und 26. April kannst Du ein T-Shirt ersteigern, um bedürftigen Kindern zu helfen. Es werden original unterschriebene Shirts von Roger Federer, Usain Bolt, Mo Farah, Fabio Capello und Jacques Rogge angeboten. Interessiert? Dann folge bitte einfach diesem Link, um weltweit an der Auktion teilzunehmen:
Kilian Bader
Please don't forget the auction @ Graham's on April 25 + 26 to get your shirt of your favorite sport star! Link:
The proceeds of the shirts from KWACE will be used to finance new projects where children helping children worldwide!
Bitte die Auktion von Grahams am 25. + 26. April nicht vergessen. Eine einmalige Chance, ein Shirt Deines Favoriten bei den Sport Stars zu erlangen. Link:
Der Erlös der KWACE-Shirts wird zur Finanzierung neuer Projekte verwendet, bei denen Kinder anderen Kindern weltweit helfen können!


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