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Kids with a Cause Europe

We promote the philosophy of collective responsibility and ask children to help children in need worldwide.

Kilian Bader It's our job to love our kids!
It is not the job of our children to love us! But it is our job to love all of our children wholeheartedly, no matter what happens or they may have done !!! - A true statement that I have heard today. Finally I was really glad to know that it works well in both directions at my family! ?
Kilian Bader Thanks for your help!
We have prepared a small collage that you can see, how hard children and young adults work to help children in need. You will also find pics of gifts, fountains, trainings etc. which only could be realized because of the effort of our Volunteers and the grateful donations of other supporters from us.
Kilian Bader Kids with a Cause Europe @ the Leman Fair, Lausanne
Ammy, Jessica and Antoinette at the Léman International Art & Excellence Fair today in Lausanne and the KWACE stand, just before the doors opened! A great day and lots of kids came by and had a go at spinning the "wheel of knowledge". Amazing how keen they were to answer the questions and win a prize!
Our yo-yos are very popular even with adults, proving that it's never too late to acknowledge the "kid" in ourselves!!!
A huge thanks to everyone who supported us and made donations, including Jos van Megchelen and Melania Quinn, the dynamic duo behind Léman International Events organisation. These generous ladies offered us our stand free of charge.
Kilian Bader Kids with a Cause Europe @ the Leman International Art & Excellence Fair
We look forward to seeing you with all your friends at the Leman International Art & Excellence Fair on Sunday 1 November at the Palais de Beaulieu, Lausanne. Kids with a Cause Europe is at Stand No. 22. We look forward also to seeing lots of children who can play the knowledge game and win a prize. your presence and participation will help disadvantaged children get an education.
Above all, we aim to have lots of FUN!
Kilian Bader FUTURE PRESIDENT CALENDAR 2016 - proceeds go to kids in Myanmar
It's here at last. From November the "2016 Future President Calendar" by Kids with a Cause-Europe will be available. This year, the calendar has been created by the students of the 1.IOS (Integrative Orientation Stage) from Sarnen. The Artistic quality tabletop calendar is filled with animal designs and thought provoking poems, which the students have composed themselves.
To order the calendar, please contact us by e-mail:
Price per calendar CHF 12.-- Incl. postage and packaing-within Switzerland and FL.


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