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Kids with a Cause Europe

We promote the philosophy of collective responsibility and ask children to help children in need worldwide.

Kilian Bader KWACE organized CHF 2'000 for ParaTeens
Thanks to L. Bader from Wangen (SZ, Switzerland), we have had the opportunity to donate CHF 2'000 to the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation for their yearly ParaTeens summer camp. ParaTeens has been created as a special unit to ensure, that paraplegic and tetraplegic children do have the best possible support when getting adult to become as independent as possible for the future. Special thanks to Ms. Bader for her generosity.
Kilian Bader Good news regarding the FUTURE PRESIDENT project. 2015 table calendars made from children for children...
Until yesterday evening we have raised CHF 5'304.62 thanks to the great effort of the pupils from the primary school Schubelbach. This money - so decided the pupils - will be donated to the foundation BASSOTU to help kids in Tanzania. Special thanks to all, who supported us, to realise this great project with the pupils of Schuebelbach.
We are looking forward for organizations, associations, companies, schools and private people who like to realize new projects in cooperation with Kids with a Cause. So please don't hesitate, if you have an idea and need professional or financial support.
Kilian Bader FUTURE PRESIDENT calendar 2015 by Kids with a Cause Europe
Starting this November. The "FUTURE PRESIDENT" calendar, created by the students of the primary school Schuebelbach, will be available. These can be pre-ordered online at
Price incl. postage + packaging CHF 15 .--
Ab November ist es soweit. Die "FUTURE PRESIDENT" Kalender, kreiert von den Schülerinnen und Schülern der Pull-out Klassen der Primarschule Schübelbach, gehen in den Verkauf. Diese können auch online unter vorbestellt werden.
Verkaufspreis inkl. Porto + Verpackung CHF 15.--
Disponible à partir de Novembre. Le calendrier "FUTURE PRESIDENT", créé par les élèves de l'école primaire Schuebelbach, seront mis en vente. Ceux-ci peuvent être pré-commandé en ligne à
Prix incl. frais de port + emballage CHF 15 .--


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