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Xing600x600 01 KNIME organisiert das folgende Event: KNIME Analytics Platform 3.5 is now available!
The latest version of KNIME Analytics Platform has just been released and, just like in previous years, there is something for everyone.
There is a number of new utility nodes (in particular Dean’s much wanted Multi Column Math Formula and a new Window Loop Start node) and we have also upgraded the text mining extensions and REST nodes. Continuing to integrate interesting tools and data sources, we have added Keras support to the Deep Learning mix, a number of nodes to access Google Sheets, and advanced work on our H2O integration. Another big emphasis has gone into a number of new JavaScript Visualization nodes such as a new Data Explorer, as well as Table Editor and Word Cloud nodes.
Moreover, the KNIME Big Data Extensions are now open source as well: You can have parts of your workflows blend data on your favorite big data environment and train models using Apache Spark.
Read more on our website:
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