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Es wird geschätzt, dass der englische K-12-Markt bis 2024 301,39 Mio. USD übersteigt und zwischen 2018 und 2024 mit einer geschätzten Wachstumsrate von mehr als 28,7% wächst

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K-12 Englisch ist ein auffälliges, sozial verantwortliches Unternehmen, das als kritischer Bestandteil der Bildung anerkannt wurde. K-12 English ist ein Online-Tool oder eine Online-Software, die die Transformation der K-12 English-Schulungspolitik katalysiert und lernerzentrierte Erfahrungen durch Online-Lernen bietet.

Wichtige Hauptakteure sind:

Pearson, McGraw Hill, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, zweisprachige Brücken, VIPKid, BYJU'S, Kroton, Blackboard

iTutorGroup, D2L, Learnosity, Illuminate Education, Inc., besser bewertet GmbH, NOON Online Academy, Toppr.

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Educational institutes like universities and schools are more inclined to concentrate upon their core competency by offering quality education. Hence, education industry is intended to outsource the complicated management process to a third party vendors. In universities and schools, ERP system supports comfortable and user friendly management of student information system, enrollment & admission system, payroll, placement management, accounting, transport management and others. Moreover, the demand for security of critical data of institutions is another reason behind consideration of ERP by schools and universities.

Since long the education market has been growing and evolving expansively and is expected to foresee even better growth in coming years. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) in education has a history and its presence in the major organization has facilitated ease of operations and management process. Enterprise resource planning in education field has enabled integration of various functions of an organization in real time to maintain and manage databases and all the functions efficiently. ERP systems keeps a track of business resources, examine production capacity and govern the status of admissions, and payroll. ERP simplifies the flow of information between numerous business functions, and also it's responsible for updating priority investors.

The improvisation in technology and overall demand of concepts related to computing is driving the market for Enterprise Resource Planning in the education sector. This market is projected to rise high significantly with rapid adoption among the educational sector. Also other factors such as emergence of better functionality of educational system, capacity of the system in regards with flexible infrastructure most important reason for driving the market would be the requirement for streamlining the academic process. As these systems stick to a particular set up, possibility of customization is less and therefore there are other substitutes taking over the market, which is restricting the educational ERP market growth.

The Leading Players Are : Dell Inc., SAP AG, Epicor Software Corporation, Ellucian, Jenzabar, Inc., Netsuite, Blackbaud, Inc., Unit4 Software, Infor and Oracle

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