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Large-Scale ScrumLarge-Scale Scrum

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Diese Gruppe beschäftigt sich mit dem Large Scale Scrum Framework (LeSS - ) von Bas Vodde und Craig Larman.

“Dead by copy-paste Scrum”.

A 15-minute video on why and how most large-scale agile adoptions fail due to misunderstandings of key concepts.

There is a 95%-chance that my description precisely applies to your current organization... and I’m sorry about that.

#Q What is the #product_definition within #LeSS?

How it should be aligned if there are a lot of teams and more than one product?

#A The product definition in LeSS is based on two sets of questions, broadening questions and narrowing questions:

- Broadening questions invite us to try and have a product as wide as possible to allow focusing on value and the whole system and avoid sub-optimizing.

- Narrowing questions invite us to explore the current practical limits that we have in our organizations to avoid putting too much on our plate.

In any case, the #LeSS framework guides us to try and widen the product definition over time if possible.

The number of teams is, in my opinion, not relevant to the definition of the product. It will most likely impact how work is distributed between the teams but not the product definition itself.

I would like to emphasize: I do not recommend to optimize the product in order to overcome perceived development limitation, I recommend to optimize the whole, which may also mean changing things in development to support that.

My Next #LeSS Course is #Berlin on #November 26th The Early Bird Registration is Still open For any question you might have please contact Tal Druyan via Email

Elad Sofer Large Scale Scrum, Certified LeSS Practitioner - Berlin

Tue, 26 Nov 2019, 09:00 AM (CET) - Thu, 28 Nov 2019, 06:00 PM (CET)

The Certified LeSS Practitioner course provides the most practical and actionable approach to creating value through the scaling of Scrum related Agile in global enterprises and distributed teams,

Das LeSS Framework hilft bei der Skalierung von Scrum über ein Team hinaus. - In diesem Forum diskutieren Expertinnen und Experten über die Skalierung agiler Methoden - ob, wie, warum.

Bitte in diese Gruppe keine Beiträge zu "was ist Scrum?", "Wie halte ich einen Dalily Standup?" - oder CSM, CSPO etc. -Kurse posten - dafür gibt es schon genügend andere Gruppen und Foren!

What this group is about...

This group is about agile scaling with Large Scale Scrum - the LeSS framework and beyond. - Please do not post into the discussions:

Training announcements for individual scrum masters, job inquiries, posts about "how to make a good daily standup meeting" and other stuff about working with individual teams. There are enough groups about this already. - Such stuff will be removed by the facilitators.