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Yusuf Diharnanto At Your Services
Hallo, and warm.greetings from us !
We are sourcing agent | factories / manufacturers representative, situated in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. We deal with these below PRODUCTS :
1. Furniture : indoor, outdoor, recycle
2. Crafts, Wall Cladding, Woodworking Articles
3. Traditional Woven Fabrics
4. Coco charcoal briquette for shisha
5. Hardwood charcoal for bbq
6. Coffee : green / roasted beans
7. Coconut Copra*
8. Coconut Virgin Oil*
9. Others
If you are in need of the above products please, feel free to contact us for our best quotation offer, directly from our Vendors / Partner Factories / Manufacturers / Suppliers on EX-FACTORY base.
What we do for you? Our SERVICES will be :
1. Arrangement of your visit to our vendor factories / manufacturers
2. Assisting you to make deal with them
3. Managing your order from the production until delivery / shipment, and quality control.
4. Payment Arrangement ( if required )
What will COST you for all our services ?
1. Managing your order from the Production to the Delivery / Shipment, included Quality Control as per Container :
- 1 x FCL 20ft : US$ 200.00
- 1 x FCL 40ft : US$ 300.00
- 1 x FCL 40ft HC : US$ 350.00
(*) EXCEPTIONAL for Coconut Copra and Coconut Virgin Oil, due to our vendors / partner factories / suppliers are located outside of Java Island, our services costs will be :
- 1 x FCL 40ft : US$ 600.00
- 1 x FCL 40ft HC : US$ 650.00
2. FOB Costs Semarang Loading Port, Central Java ; US$ 1,000.00 ( It may change due to the Subject of the Cargo Company's Rate Offer and, it may also change due to the different Port of Loading, different Law & Regulation of the different Products ).
We are connecting you direct to the factories / manufacturers !
Best regards,
Cv. EURASIA | Sourcing Indonesia
Email :
Skype : ydiharnanto
WhatsApp : +6282220106531
Yusuf Diharnanto Sourcing Indonesia
Why you need an Agent? just a simple question. Sometimes even mostly when you need to place an order, you come - make deal - and leave your order to your supplier to finish it, you leave an unfinished job behind you.. And when you left then, there is a gap between you and your job, that's an objective situation ! Yes, you can ask your supplier to send you daily report that, you think you will get updated info on your order progress, however in sending you the report, they represent themself, means you can not expect too much it will be objective and proportional, am I not correct? So, the question is, who represent you?
That's where an agent is standing, filling the gap to keep you stay connected with your job, the agent is your eyes and hands in your absence. How an agent can work objectively and proportionally ? An agent represents both buyers and sellers to keep the business balance for the both sides' interest and keep the business fair and everyone wins and happy !
EURASIA | Sourcing Indonesia | Buying Agent | Factories Representative | Quality Assurance
Furniture | indoor, outdoor, custom
Woodworking Articles
Traditional hand woven fabrics
Hardwood charcoal for bbq
Coconut shell charcoal briquette for shisha
Home industry Coffee
Coconut Copra
Virgin coconut oil
Visit arrangement to our vendors / partner factories
Your order management : from production to shipment / delivery
Quality Control / Quality Assurance
Services ( Order management + Quality Control ) ; per container
20ft ; US$ 200.00
40ft / 40ft HC ; US$ 300.00
FOB costs ; US$ 1,000.00 may change due to the rates offered by the cargo companies.
Please contact us for our products and services
Email :
Skype : ydiharnanto
WhatsApp : +6282220106531


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