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Lead Management & Marketing Automation

Diese XING-Gruppe beschäftigt sich mit den Themen "Marketing Automation", Integriertes Lead Management sowie Customer Lifecycle Management".

Tobias Kastner Warum B2B Marketers in KI investieren sollten...
Vignesh Shaha Has Your Martech Stack Become “Usefuless”?
As we plan for 2019, let’s detach from past and stand up to the future. Let’s discuss how to map the martech stack you already have and rescue it from usefuless-ness, says, Jake Athey, VP of Marketing at Widen.
Let’s pretend that your 2019 Near Year’s Resolution is to become a minimalist, but not the Instagram kind. You don’t plan to move your family into a tiny home or trade your minivan for a quad tandem bike. However, you have an unkempt, overloaded tool chest where useful things disappear, and useless things reappear. One might say that that tool chest is “usefuless.”
Vignesh Shaha Marketing on Twitch - How to Get it Right
Twitch is an incredible platform that supports content creators all over the world, live streaming their games, musical skills, cooking recipes, DIY projects, you name it. Consumers across the globe watched 850 million hours of content on the platform last month alone. It is rapidly becoming a “must buy” for advertisers who wish to reach the elusive Gen X and Millennial demographic.
Like many video and content-based platforms, brands can buy pre-roll and mid-roll ad formats at scale, presenting 15 and 30 second TV like ads before and during the content experience. This is how most brands are currently activating, but compared to the alternatives available, this is one of the least effective ways to market on this channel.
The most effective means for advertising on Twitch are found when working directly with live streamers, their managers, or technology-based intermediaries to sponsor and integrate into their channels. Historically, much like with influencer marketing in general, this has been difficult to scale and have consistency and accountability in messaging. Fortunately, that is all changing very quickly, with some new tools and technology partners making it fully scalable, measurable, and successful.
Vignesh Shaha 5 Marketing Automation Myths to Dispel in 2019
Automation...I’ve heard of that before, but it won’t work for us. If similar thoughts have run through your head, take a minute to consider why marketing automation was dismissed. Not sure how it works? Everyone’s comfortable with the way things run now? Or, perhaps there are some misconceptions about automation floating around the department.
1. Automation requires multiple applications
Constantly switching back and forth between apps is aggravating, and all the minutes spent changing apps add up. Who wants to add another application to the mix, not to mention one more username/password?
What if a single platform can track all marketing projects, including automated workflows? Just imagine, instead of looking at app tabs all the way across your computer screen, all marketing-related work and communication could be managed within a single application.


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