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Lean and Agile Software DevelopmentLean and Agile Software Development

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Für alle diejenigen, die sich für lean Softwareentwicklung bzw. agile Softwareentwicklung interessieren

Wie klappt z.B. Scrum mit mehreren parallel laufenden Teams? Wie arbeiten viele Teams mit einem gemeinsamen Backlog zusammen? Wie plant man gemeinsame Inkremente? Dafür gibt es verschiedene Skalierungsframeworks, wie z.B. LeSS, Nexus, SAFe etc.

Wie kann man solche Modelle mit Software gezielt unterstützen?

Lernen Sie im Blogbeitrag agiles Programm-Management mit objectiF RPM kennen. Eine hochgradig anpassbare Lösung für mehr Traceability und Effizienz:

Our enterprising speaker Haragopal Mangipudi invites you all to join the 3rd successive global software product management summit happening this 24+25 March 2020 at Frankfurt, Germany.

Hara will be talking about the best leadership practices of SPM during his mini-workshop and also share his expertise in managing digitization challenges from the startup perspective during the panel discussion.

Aspire to learn:

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Buckle up for another deep dive discussions with our panel led by Christopher Jud with other speakers Juliane Plister, Scott Miller, CPA, CMA, Thorsten Janning

We are excited to hear your questions & views too.

Join the assembly:

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ERP Software Market 2020

Report Summary:

The industry ERP Software is segmented on the basis of the applications, end-users as well as the type of products and services it provides. The report therefore studies the industry on the basis of these segments. The report provides detailed data related to the applications that drive the growth of the industry. The report also discusses the products and services and their end-users who make a significant contribution to the revenue of the industry ERP Software. New product innovations by the industry are also talked about in the report.

The report covers market size status and forecast, value chain analysis, market segmentation of Top countries in Major Regions, such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa, by type, application and marketing channel. In addition, the report focuses on the driving factors, restraints, opportunities and PEST analysis of major regions.

Major Companies Covered:-

Oracle Vietnam

FPT Information System Company


Industrial and Financial Systems(IFS)




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