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LeSS - Large-Scale Scrum - Austria

LeSS Austria ist eine Anlaufstelle für all jene, die sich mit anderen zum Thema Skalierung von Scrum mit LeSS austauschen möchten.

Nina Dötzl-Freisinger Certified Agile Leadership Kurs in Graz! 14.-15.02.2019
Get your certification - CAL- hosted by JIPP.IT Training
Certified Agile Leadership class brings awareness of Agile leadership thinking, focus, and behaviors and is a great way to start your journey of Agile Leader. Participants will develop Agile leadership competency and maturity, which increases effectiveness of a leader in a complex and rapidly changing environment. The class provides balanced education, practice, and peer collaboration.
Nina Dötzl-Freisinger CSM & CLB Combination Course in Frankfurt
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"Certified Scrum Master + Certified LeSS Basic course prepares participants to work successfully in the Scrum Master role together with the development team and the product owner. " : Ran Nyman, together with Wolfgang Richter the trainer of the course.


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