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Jose Miguel Fernandez Gomez Healthcare Logistic Management: The Current Challenges Faced
Can you imagine a healthcare system with a supply chain that doesn’t work? Unthinkable, right? But, believe it or not, healthcare is an industry that has been usually working with suppliers at the edge of compliance, mainly because of high costs and inefficiencies that happen “due in large part to declining reimbursements for services. As a result, they are seeking opportunities to reduce costs without diminishing the quality of patient care. This post shows the current challenges faced by the healthcare logistic management.
Jose Miguel Fernandez Gomez Do You Really Need Telematics For Fleet Management?
Managing a fleet of vehicles is never easy. A long list of things that could, and inevitably always does, go wrong. Vehicle breakage, driver dissatisfaction, traffic jam, bad weather, just to name a few. Remote telematics has being seen as the god-send for fleet management, promising you always up-to-date information on your fleet, all from the comfortable of your office; however, is remote telematics really the right choice for your fleet? Does it really deliver all its promises?
Jose Miguel Fernandez Gomez An Un-Connected Connected Driverless Electric Vehicle...The 21st Century 'Streetcar' Named Desire
Until the electric vehicle gets un-connected - non cabled that is - we are stuck with a cluttered confused costly collection of street furniture that seems such a tech-landscape let down. All that fab EVR&D seems to fall at the final hurdle...the last few feet left to a mess of dirty cables on the floor. Do we have 'a sound charging infrastructure' - all be it a nascent one at this time? I think not. Is it likely that we will somehow see a shake-down into a collaborative business model from the bundle of players currently jostling for position in EVSE land? We might do. However, can you really see a future urban landscape with millions of charge posts as the backdrop?
Jose Miguel Fernandez Gomez Highway Robbery: Physical Security and Fleet Management
Physical security, confined to one business location can be daunting. Integrating corporate security across multiple business units can be more so. Physical security of corporate assets for business with fleet vehicles can be nearly impossible. Static, limited access locations have fewer variables that affect security risks. These controls can encompass everything from traditional locked doors to biometric scanners and voice-print analysis.