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Machine Learning Rhein-Main

Die Gruppe für den Erfahrungsaustausch zwischen Data Scientists und Machine Learning Interessierten aus dem Großraum Frankfurt

Kazim Bahar Machine Learning für .NET Anwendungen
Tobias Plötz Two recent works that show realism of current generative models
I just want to share two recent showcases of how realistic generative models have become by now.
I think in the future we will see a whole new industry around automatic content creation. Also society should be prepared that the generation of fake images, video and text will become very cheap and these fakes will be very hard to distinguish from their real counter parts.
Kazim Bahar 10 Useful AI & Machine Learning Slides
According to the motto: “A picture says more than a thousand words” some useful slides about Artificial Intelligence and machine learning …
Kazim Bahar Frankfurt Data Science Meetup am 28. März 2019


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