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Magento Outsourcing (e-commerce Bereiche)

Die Gruppe für alle Gesellschaften , die Outsourcing durchführen und möchten neue Projekte machen.

Jane Len Unser neuer Artikel - Magento vs Shopify! Neue Infos für Sie und Ihr Business)
Marat Mingazov Top eCommerce Design Trends 2018 to Follow
Visual experience, catchy advertisement, new technologies, and patterns - everything helps to create unforgettable consumer experience. But the more things change, the more they stay the same. Some of the trends you've already tried, some of the concepts were reconsidered. But the goal is to satisfy the customer with the use of your eCommerce store and leave a positive impression. Creativity is vital in making your website an enjoyable place to shop. Check our article, and we hope to inspire you for some creative and necessary changes in your store design.
Marat Mingazov How to Speed Up Magento 2 Website
Today we are going to discuss how to speed up your online store’s performance and some ways to solve Magento 2 performance issues.
By nature, Magento 2 performs quite fast. But it can get bogged down by incorrect configurations, outdated versions, and additional extensions.
Speed is one of those critical factors that can convert casual browsing users into actual paying customers.
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