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Magento-Stammtisch Aachen

Stammtisch rund um Magento und Magento 2. Für Shopbetreiber, Entwickler, Manager und alle anderen. Wir treffen uns ca. alle 2 Monate.

Marat Mingazov GDPR Compliance and Preparation Guide for Companies Working with EU
As the new GDPR law came into force on May 25th, we suggest you check our article. It covers all key points from the law that are necessary to know for those companies, who are acting under the GDPR. It will help you to prepare your website or store to the GDPR compliance.
Marat Mingazov What Is Elasticsearch and How It Can Help Your Magento Online Store
Useful but straightforward navigation helps your clients to find the needed product. It will simplify gathering information about your client's preferences. Elasticsearch is a quite flexible tool that will help to increase your store navigation efficiency.
Marat Mingazov What is Magento Business Intelligence for eCommerce Business?
Magento Business Intelligence is the powerful tool for analyzing customers data and optimizing their journey through the website. That's why we suggest you check all main advantages of Magento BI in the article.

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