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Magento Stammtisch Kiel

Alle zwei Monate findet in Kiel der nördlichste aller Magento-Stammtische statt.

Marat Mingazov What is Magento Business Intelligence for eCommerce Business?
Magento Business Intelligence is the powerful tool for analyzing customers data and optimizing their journey through the website. That's why we suggest you check all main advantages of Magento BI in the article.
Marat Mingazov Magento 2 Security Best Practices – How To Protect Your Store
Security is one of the important parts of the modern eCommerce platform. Because there are so much fraud and data attacks and ways to avoid payment processes that harm to both customer and seller, it is necessary to protect your store. That's why we prepared an article that describes the best security practices for Magento 2 store.
Marat Mingazov 5 Modern eCommerce SEO Tips that can Boost Your Traffic in 2018
Trafic plays an important role defining your online store or website's success. That's why we prepared for you 5 most essential SEO tips that could improve your traffic results.
Discover them in our article.

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