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Magento Stammtisch Köln

Der Magento Stammtisch Köln ist eine (un)regelmäßig stattfindende Veranstaltung (mal mit und ohne Vorträge) für alle Magento-Interessierte.

Marat Mingazov Tips on How to Start an eCommerce Business
We all know that starting from the beginning is challenging. That is why there is a small guide on how to start the eCommerce business. It covers pretty much everything from choosing a name, registration, selecting a business plan and establishing all business processes.
Marat Mingazov Payment Processing for an Online Clothing Store
Various payment methods are essential for any customer nowadays. Giving options of credit/debit card payment as well as PayPal, check, invoice and other payment options will convince a customer to buy without delays and doubts. Learn what the most necessary payment processing options should be included in any online store.
Marat Mingazov Necessary Features of eCommerce Clothing Online Store
If you want to know which features are the must for any clothing store, I've got you covered. Check the list of them as well as tips on how to make your clothing store well-organized and user-friendly.
Marat Mingazov How to Optimize eCommerce Shopping Cart
If you want your customers to complete their purchase, you need to have an optimized and user-friendly shopping cart. Not only feature-rich, but intuitive and quick checkout will help you to achieve this goal. But what if you don't know what are the issues of unoptimized checkout? I am glad to get you covered with the answer. Check the related article and revise your store's shopping cart.
Marat Mingazov Magento Email Templates for Your Email Marketing Campaign
Email templates are important patterns to design and deliver valuable information and deals to your customers. Email marketing is still one of the most effective advertising channels. So you can read how to use email templates to cut off your time and elevate your email marketing to the next level.


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