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Only visible to XING members Help me to identify main problems in manufacturing and finish my thesis
Hi y'all! I'm currently writing my thesis and would like to ask for some help. This is a small questionnaire that will take you not more than 5 mins and will help me to understand what are the main problems in manufacturing industry right now and find (hopefully) relevant solutions. Please, pay attention - this research is fully anonymous. Here's a link
Joachim Quantz
seit 10 Jahren habe ich aktiv mit MES zu tun als Kunde und Anwender. Seit einiger Zeit bin ich im technischen Vertrieb eines soliden Mittelständlers welcher eine gute eigene MES-Suite auf die Beine gestellt hat und diese weltweit bei unseren Kunden im Einsatz ist.
Ich habe dazu einen kurzen Bericht erstellt aus der Anwendersicht:
Hier fragt sich Paul: "Was bringt mir MES?"
Mit freundlichem Gruß
Joachim Quantz
Sudhanshu Kumar Jena AI in the manufacturing market : Technological Advancement & Growth Analysis with Forecast to 2025
Request a sample of this Report At:
AI in the manufacturing market is dominated by large players such as Nvidia and Intel. These companies are investing heavily in the development of high-performance enterprise solutions. The start-ups operating in the market are conducting fundraising activities to scale their operations across the foreign markets. For instance, in August 2018, Canvass Analytics raised over USD 5 million from Gradient Ventures to pursue aggressive sales strategies to expand its market in Europe, Asia, and North American regions.
Asia Pacific is leading in AI in the manufacturing landscape with over 43% market share in 2018. The market growth is attributed to the presence of highly advanced manufacturing facilities in countries including China, Japan, and South Korea. The widespread adoption of industry 4.0 technologies is also promoting the use of AI solutions. Europe?s AI in the manufacturing market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 44% during the forecast timeframe. High investment by the prominent automakers in the region to incorporate advanced production technologies is adding to the growth of the market.


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